Auto parts pressing robot cell



One of our completed projects in 2011 can be seen in the pictures. The task was not unknown to us - in 2010 we made a similar application deployment. G-Robots delivered a complete turn-key solution: from site design to full deployment. Built on proven robotic ABB IRB 6400 M97-series and a special crimping tool to move the specified work items. The cell includes manual transmission parts for roller conveyor sections, clamping of the workpiece, and all standard safety elements. Our company was the prefered partner for fast and reliable installation and programming support. The final programming for the production was carried out by the customer himself. 

Completed tasks: design, construction, site installation, robotic delivery.

cLaraMill milling robot application, client: Rodec


Decorative and advertising objectives of our clients looking for a complete application. Using a second hand ABB IRB 6400 robot we have built a system which can cover completely the desired objects to be manufactured. The system includes all the necessary safety devices, automatic tool exchanger milling motor, tool magazine (6 positions), vacuum tables (2pcs, 2600x1300mm) and interpolated rotary table. All the necessary software are interfaced using a direct connection to a Windows PC, while all operator tasks are placed on an easy-to-use HMI touch screen.

cLaraMill milling robot applications, client: Rech

Decorative and advertising objectives of our clients looking for a complete application. A second hand ABB IRB 6400 robot we have built a system which can cover completely the whole technology to be manufactured. The system includes all the necessary safety device, has a automatic tool exchanger milling motor, tool magazine (6 positions), with mechanical hold-down table (T-Nut 14mm) and interpolated rotary table. Of course, all the necessary software are on a direct connection of PC running, all operator tasks placed an HMI touch screen.The client for any 3D model preparation undertake a short time, super quality!

cLaraMill system in action

Every task we want to help our clients. A young and very talented sculptor, looking atus: To create a new exhibition technology manufactured wood sculpture. The taskwas considered a challenge and like to show cellánkkal robot was carried out. Theclient was used to block material is lime, preparing the whole statue took eight hours.

Completed tasks: programming, design.

Material handling



The first one works in a small IRB-140 made ​​by automation. The construction task was carried out with our partner. Our task was to acquire a reliable second hand robot and to program it. The IRB 140 is a highly accurate and fast model that, despite the limited space can easily cope with the task. The robot separates and places the parts in the correct position on the workpiece. The application required custom-designed digital channel communication with other devices. 

Completed tasks: robot sales, 3d simulation, on-site programming

Material handling, new task



An existing partner for us with two robots and programming using the manual labor carried out to automate the task. The customer did the total cell design and planning for production of parts, while G-Robots acquired the robots and completed the system programming for all existing products including the robot cell, two common security systems, where one robot is subordinate. 

Completed tasks: selling robots, programming.

Palletizing robot cell


Our client are looking for a quick task for us. An already installed system had problems with their (robot), seeking to induce rapid, accurate, powerful and inexpensive robots. The task was used in a Fanuc S420iW 155kg lift capacity. The robot installation and replacement of less than 2 working days. The mechanicalinstallation of the products after the completion of programming as well. Eightdifferent palettes created the image with programming. The robot task of packing the bags outside an empty pallet preparation, as well as gripping the combinedtreatment.

Completed tasks: robot sales, on-site installation and programming.

Pictures from Euromold, Frankfurt, Germany


G-Robots presented a turnkey solution for robotic milling at the exhibition Euromold in Frankfurt, Germany from Nov. 27 to Nov. 30, 2012. Complex objects (360 degrees) can be milled using an external turntable and large objects can be machined with a small robot using a linear actuated table. Industrial robots are suitable for milling in relatively soft materials such as foam, wood, plastics, composites and aluminium. See also this YouTube movie.

Press Brake Machine tending



Our client was requesting that an existing CNC bending machine made ​​piece of work using robotic manufacturing automation industry. The workpiece is a flataluminum plate, which is given in the specification of the system was bendingmachine Vinnie. The robot is a combined electro-pneumatic vacuum gripper padsfrom which you took the plates. The automated system also includes re-positioningand unloading. Digital IO channels to communicate with the bending machine andits safety components PLC driven. The automated publishing system for all productsafety standards in compliance with the robot allows the parts continued to workduring the exchange as well.

Completed tasks: design, construction, site installation, programming

Welding robot cell


The Buyer is a complete robotic welding cell is entrusted to us by design. The robotcell is provided by the customer of the safety fencing and the Fronius weldingtechnology (power supply, feed mill, head cable) but other than that all mechanical,electrical and safety equipment in the G-Robots Ltd. provided. The system at the request of the buyer's type was a IRB2400 an external rotary shaft. M98 The robot'scontroller, digital-analog card to communicate with the Fronius unit. The horizontal axis rotary table design, 250kg load capacity has been installed. The welding toolingtemplate was carried out by the partner to talk.

Completed tasks: design, parts manufacturing, site installation.